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Facts About 3M Combat Earplugs

In the year 2003 and 2015, the United States military gave out the 3M earplugs to thousands of the military personnel who were deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, together with those who were domestically deployed. Unknowingly, these women and men were put into a risk of experiencing a permanent hearing loss or impairment caused by the design defect.

Currently, the 3M faced an allegation against these claims since the earplugs were meant to protect the military personnel and not damage them. Any military who faced this has the right to seek some compensation for what they went through.

It is not easy for any military personnel to receive compensation without the help of a lawyer. If your loved one has been in the military and experiences some hearing problem, you should take a step and help them. You must make sure that your loved one experiences some of the following symptoms for you to place your claims.

Your loved one must have some symptoms of tinnitus or hearing loss. Some of these symptoms that you need to observe from your loved one include if the person has speech or any other sound distorting symptoms. It is easy for you to note these symptoms. Especially if you have lived with the person for long then all over sudden the speech the person gives is never the same as it was before. It is easy for you to notice such symptoms since the person must have been making a frequent speech before.

If the person cannot follow or has problems in following a conversation being made among a larger group of people. It is not easy for someone suffering from tinnitus to be able to listen to what a large group of people is saying without asking them to repeat. This is a problem that affects people especially when you are exposed to large voices especially from explosions or any other loud objects for quite some time.

For you to receive compensation after filing the 3M combat Earplug Litigation , then you must fall under the following category.

The person must have served in the military in the year 2003 and 2015. No person who might claim to have tinnitus problem and did not work in the military between this period should receive compensation. It is because 3M combat earplugs are recorded to be issued to the military personnel between this period and no other period.

The person must have been issued with the 3M combat earplugs. It is not every military personnel who was issued with the earplugs. One has to prove to be among the group that was issued with the earplugs for you to be compensated. Find more about it here.

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